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Preserve your food using simple and sustainable technology

Learn how to start!

In Peru


do not have a traditional refrigerator at home, that means that...

They must make daily and small purchases, otherwise the food spoils

Eat packaged, high-carbohydrate foods because they last longer

The unitary purchase harms the family economy in the medium term

Simple technology that transforms lives

Pukhi is a Low-Tech project of social and environmental innovation. It was born as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic with the purpose of solving food conservation and waste problems.

We align ourselves with 4 sustainable development goals:

We democratize the conservation of food without the use of electricity for all people, with low-income families being our main objective

We reduce food waste and food loss, thus helping families save money

We encourage the consumption of fresh food, especially fruits and vegetables

We spread sustainable and ecological technology that conserves without electricity

Our impact

We carry out workshops in the soup kitchen “Virgen de la Candelaria” in Villa María del Triunfo (Lima). The workshops were divided into modules distributed throughout a month, where the best practices and care that must be taken to obtain the best benefit from the artisanal refrigerator were shared.

Families are using Pukhi

Now they preserve fruits and vegetables without leaving home!

Trained people

They took our workshop and they know about the technology we use!

Soup kitchen is using Pukhi

They are preserving their food without using electricity!

Meet the 2 waysto join Pukhi


pukhi Refri


Inspired by the ancient Andean world and ancestral knowledge, Pukhi Refri is a sustainable and artisan refrigerator that extends the life of fruits and vegetables without the need for electricity.

Our fridge works by a simple principle: evaporative cooling that keeps food 5 to 11 ° C cooler than the outside temperature.

You only need WATER, SAND and PUKHI REFRI to preserve your fruits and vegetables.

💚 Does not use electricity

💚 Easy to use and transport

💚 Eco-friendly design

Total weight

9 kg*

Storage capacity

6 kg

*The weight of sand and water is not included




Through online workshops, we implement our solution using easily accessible and low-cost materials using a Do It Yourself approach! (DIY).

During these workshops we will learn about:

💚 Pukhi and its simple technology to preserve food

💚 The operation of the artisan fridge

💚 And about the best practices for the maintenance of Pukhi


60 - 90 minutes

Join the eCOOLogilcal revolution!

You can purchase a Pukhi Refri for your own use, donate it to a family in need or be part of our online workshop to learn more about the technology we use


S/ 250

+ Shipping costs

It includes:

  • 1 Pukhi Refri (2 ceramic pieces + Blanket)
  • 1 Workshop via Zoom

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S/ 50


It includes:

  • 1 Workshop via Zoom

I join!


S/ 250

+ Shipping costs

It includes:

  • 1 Pukhi Refri (2 ceramic pieces + Blanket)
  • 1 Workshop via Zoom

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Meet our ambassadors!

Mercedes Cochachi

Leader of the soup kitchen “Virgen de la Candelaria”

Mercedes is a housewife and leader of the communal pot in her community. Now she uses 2 Pukhi's refri in the common pot.

In the workshop she learned about the foods that can be kept in Pukhi, how to take care of the product and she shared it with other mothers of the pot


Student and our youngest ambassador

Jan is 10 years old and is the son of Juanita, another leader of the common pot. He helped his mom build Pukhi Refri and is our youngest ambassador.

He loves to eat bananas, but his family didn't buy many because they didn't have a place to store them. Now with Pukhi you can enjoy all the fruits you want.

We have been part of...

Top Idea Winner

Pukhi was selected as the Top Idea Winner out of more than 600 projects from around the world in the "Health and Subsistence in the Global South" challenge organized by OpenIDEO, and La Victoria Lab.

The objective of this challenge was to help low- and middle-income families stay healthy during the health crisis.

Learn more here.

Food System Changer

We are part of The Food Systems Game Changers Lab (FSGCL), a global program to build a better food future that supports the UN Food Systems Summit.

FSGCL is powered by EAT, IDEO, Thought For Food and the Rockefeller Foundation.

Learn more here.

Global Shapers @Munich

We were part of the MentorUp online mentoring program in Germany. Together with 15 projects, we formed the 1st batch and received mentoring from industry experts and successful founders.

MentorUp was organized by Global Shapers Munich

Learn more here.

Women in STEM

Learn more Pukhi participated in the Women in STEM mentoring program for women that seeks to awaken and detect the entrepreneurial spirit among women in Peru and Latin America.

This program had the support of Hub UDEP, Universidad de Piura, Caja Piura, Isa Rep and IDB Lab.

Learn more here.

We have been working with

Since the end of 2020, we have been working hand in hand with local and global organizations to make Pukhi happen.

Advisory Board

Eric Verploegen

Technical Advisor

Evaporative Cooling Lead @MIT D-Lab

Eric joined D-Lab in 2014 to expand D-Lab's research efforts in the areas of food, water, and energy. Currently his work focuses on evaporative cooling for vegetable preservation with ongoing projects in Mali, Kenya, Uganda, and Gujarat, India. Eric is also a lecturer for D-Lab's energy classes, Introduction to Energy in Global Development and Applications of Energy in Global Development.

Julia Rojas Vidal LinkedIn's profile page

Julia Rojas Vidal

Strategic Advisor

Director @Capital Center

Industrial engineer, specialized in corporate finance with +20 years of experience leading businesses in real estate, banking and capital markets. Specialist in business growth and consolidation.

Julia Rojas Vidal LinkedIn's profile page

Andrea Lazo Zúñiga

Product Design Advisor

Head of Design and Industrial Production @TECSUP

Experience in project management and coordination, product design, user experience analysis and application of agile methodologies. UX Alliance Certified and in Digital Fabrication by the Fab Foundation.

Andrea Lazo LinkedIn's profile page

Shamir Joseph

Business Design Advisor

Design Thinking Trainer @IDEO U

Design Thinking Trainer who prepares people and organizations in design thinking skills leveraging experiential learning. He is a member of the teaching team at IDEO U & Simplilearn.

Shamir Joseph LinkedIn's profile page

Germán López

Sustainability Advisor

Adjunct Professor @UTEC

MSc in Climate Studies, +9 years of experience in innovation in Sustainable Business Models, environmental and climate change consulting (Transfer Consultancy - Spain, ERM, JGP, GEMA, KCB, Greenprint Consultants, Weather Impact BV).

Germán López LinkedIn's profile page

Our Team

Jorge Siesquén Deza


BSc. in Business Administration @PUCP

Product Designer. I am passionate about using design as a social innovation tool to create more human, sustainable and inclusive experiences.

Jorge Siesquén Deza LinkedIn's profile page

Claudia Siesquén Deza


BA in Sociology @PUCP

Design Researcher. I believe that technology should always be at the service of people and that it can be used to create equitable and innovative experiences for humanity.

Claudia Siesquén Deza LinkedIn's profile page


Téo Dejean


Student of Management of Cultural Institutions @Sciences Po Lille

Jorge Siesquén Deza LinkedIn's profile page

Alejandro Sandoval


Student of Business Administration @PUCP

Claudia Siesquén Deza LinkedIn's profile page

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